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Design and Evaluation of Technological Support Tool to EMPOWER stakeholders in Digital Education.

EMPOWER project addreses the educational needs of children with neurodevelopmental conditions.

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Three exciting new games are currently in development and are highly anticipated to be released in the near future. The games are called Reflex, BEeHOLD and EMOeggi and the expected internal launch date of the fully functional prototypes is mid-November 2023.


Researchh team from Business School, Iscte-IUL, Lisbon, Portugal


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Kick-Off Meeting

Partners of the project have met at the IRTIC institute in Valencia on the 18th October - 2022 to kick off its three-year work programme.


Website Launch

The launch of the EMPOWER project website is an important milestone, providing a central hub for project information, resources, updates and engagement.