IRTIC-University of Valencia

University Research Institute on Robotics and Information and Communication Technologies is a centre of university research which depends of the University of Valencia and currently consists of three research groups which cover different disciplines connected with the field of information and communication technologies.

Special Education Department, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Babes Bolyai University

The Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences (FPSE) was established in 1997. Its present structure reflects the declared intention of the academic staff to cover domains and subdomains which are scientifically and professionally related.
Integrating high academic standards and a broad educational offer, FPSE provides initial training and continuing education in the field of Psychology and Educational Sciences.

Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition, and Behaviour

Radboud University wishes to contribute to a healthy, free world with equal opportunities for everyone and aims to make a difference at both the regional and international level.

When it comes to scientific research, all disciplines are represented at Radboud University. On campus, there is also a lot of interdisciplinary collaboration.

Western Norway University of Applied Sciences

Western Norway University of Applied Sciences provides professional education within health and social sciences, engineering, economic and administrative science, music and teaching. It offers education on the Bachelor and Master levels, continuing education, and on the Doctoral (PhD) level. 

Computer Graphics and Interactive Systems, Computer Science Department, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

CGIS Laboratory provides expertise in computer graphics, user interaction techniques, graphics modeling and simulation, distributed interactive application development methodologies, Grid and Web applications development, graphics cluster based processing and visualization, and e-learning systems development. 

Autism Europe - Brussels, Belgium

Autism-Europe (AE) is an international association whose main objective is to advance the rights of people with autism and to help them improve their quality of life. AE advocates towards European decision-makers to foster a better policy response to the needs of autistic people. AE also strives for more awareness and understanding of autism in society.

INESC-ID - Lisboa

INESC-ID’s research impact is focused on four Thematic Lines to which it makes the more relevant contributions: digital transformation and citizenship, life and health technology, energy transition, and security and privacy.

These four Thematic Lines promote synergies among the eleven scientific areas in order to address today’s societal challenges

Organizational Behavior & Human Resources Research Group (Business Research Unit – BRU-Iscte)

the university is actively engaged in collaborative projects, networks and partnerships around the world, including a range of educational, training and research programs supported by the European Union.

Through its commitment to internationalization, innovative research and education aligned with professional standards, Iscte prepares its students for competitive careers and thoughtful lives in the 21st century.


ITC is an IT Solutions company with a wide area of expertise that commercializes a wide range of IT solutions, including the ones they
will create in EMPOWER (Websites andHow-To Guides for teachers). They also count with a sales department competent in IT for education.