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Project Introduction

Project Empower

Launch of the EMPOWER project set to address the educational needs of children with neurodevelopmental conditions. Led by the University of Valencia (Spain), EMPOWER is a new European interdisciplinary research project that will develop and deploy a unique technological learning platform to enhance the personalized education of children with neurodevelopmental conditions.


Project Acronym


Project starting date

October 2022

What will Empower do

Main Objective

Its main objective is to empower teachers to better support children in schools regarding their emotional and behavioural difficulties and ultimately improve their quality of life.

The program will involve a range of activities, including training sessions for teachers, research and development of new resources, and ongoing support and collaboration among partners to ensure the success of the project.


Neurodevelopmental conditions affect approximately 15% of children aged 3 to 17 years. These children can have difficulties with language and speech, motor skills, behaviour, memory, learning, or other neurological functions. These difficulties can have a significant impact on their learning, access to education, and in turn social inclusion. Children with Neurodevelopmental conditions can thus greatly benefit from education support tailored to their needs.

IRTIC - University of Valencia

Gerardo Herrera

Lucía Vera

Patricia Pérez-Fuster

Special Education Department, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Babes Bolyai University

Adrian Roșan

Cristina Costescu

Carmen David

Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition, and Behaviour​

Serge Thill

Pim Haselager

Marcos Bueno

Western Norway University of Applied Sciences

Jerry Chun-Wei Lin

Computer Graphics and Interactive Systems, Computer Science Department, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

Teodor Ștefănuț

Dorian Gorgan

Victor Bâcu

Adrian Sabou

Constantin Nandra

Raul Gorgan

Ioana Drăghici

Autism-Europe Brussels, Belgium

Aurelie Baranger

Carmen Clemente

GAIPS- Group of AI for people and society & IST (University of Lisbon)

Ana Paiva

Joana Campos

Organizational Behavior & Human Resources Research Group (Business Research Unit – BRU-Iscte)

Aristides I. Ferreira

Paula Alexandra Nunes da Costa Ferreira

Ana Margarida Veiga Simão

Sara L. Lopes

Diana Teixeira Stilwell

Diogo Domingues