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Empowering Through Gaming: a glimpse into the EMPOWER meeting in Romania

In the city of Cluj Napoca, Romania, hosted by our partner Universitatea Babeş-Bolyai, partners of the EMPOWER meeting met to both update on the latest actions and next steps of the HorizonEurope project and also to have some nice time sharing dinner.


Romania- Cluj Napoca


University Babes-Bolyai

As the digital world unfurls new realms of possibilities, educational gaming has burgeoned as a significant tool to make learning not only accessible but also engaging and inclusive, especially for children with neurodevelopmental disorders. EMPOWER, with its specialized gaming initiatives, seeks to traverse this digital pathway, curating games that resonate with key educational and developmental themes.

The delegates from Iscte – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa delved into the nuances of emotional literacy, presenting forthcoming EMPOWER games. A pivotal element in socio-emotional learning, recognizing, and naming emotions, is integral to fostering empathy and emotional intelligence. These games are designed to cater to this aspect of learning, wrapping essential knowledge in a cloak of engaging gameplay and interactive learning.

IRTIC UV, the developers steering the technical aspects of the EMPOWER games, presented a prototype, providing information and visual content about the forthcoming gaming modules. The unveiling not only highlighted the tangible progression of the project but also embodied the potential impact these games could render in shaping the educational paradigms for children.

Delving into the technological aspects, Høgskulen på Vestlandet (HVL) shed light on the integration of eye-tracking technology within the gaming interface. This technology promises to track and understand the performance and engagement levels of children with neurodevelopmental disorders, paving the way for a tailored, immersive, and inclusive gaming experience.

Autism-Europe shared inputs about the performance and impact of the project’s social media channels while charting the course for the next dissemination actions.

Partners have also had time to enjoy dinner together and have a walk around Cluj-Napoca after the meeting, a great opportunity to getting to know each other better.

Keeping the EMPOWER community updated on these developments is key, and hence, more insights and information about the different meetings and the project’s progress will be shared through our social media channels and website.

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